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Introducing the New and Improved ThermaSoft Wristband

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

For a better patient experience.

Toronto, ON - March 3, 2020 - Medirex is proud to announce that we are moving to a new and enhanced direct thermal wristband, the ThermaSoft series, with features that will improve patient comfort and safety. Our improved ThermaSoft series is softer and more malleable, and longer in length to accommodate larger wrist sizes. The wristbands now feature an easy-peel closure that breaks apart to reveal a tapered adhesive end for easy application. We have improved the coating formula to further protect the wristband’s surface from chemicals, bacteria, and water. The ThermaSoft series now occupy less shelf space with its reduced packaging minimizing the environmental impact.

How is the new ThermaSoft wristband better?

  • Improved Patient Comfort and Safety - The ThermaSoft series contains softer and more malleable material to prevent discomfort for all patients’ skin types. The ThermaSoft series is also available in various lengths to accommodate larger wrist sizes.

  • Enhanced Application - An easy-peel adhesive closure breaks apart to reveal a tapered adhesive end for easy application and a better operator experience.

  • Patient Safety - The anti-wicking and tamper-proof coating protects against moisture, alcohol, and antimicrobial solutions.

  • Reduced Packaging - The ThermaSoft series occupies less shelf space and is produced with efficient resources and supply chain, minimizing the environmental impact.

  • Seamless Transition - Transition is so easy and smooth – no changes in the printer are required.

About Medirex Systems Inc.

Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is a Canadian-owned and operated business connecting patients to health information systems. Being an industry leader for over 50 years, Medirex has evolved to bridge the gap between patient identification and engagement by cultivating patient connections with ease, security, and no errors. Providing a positive patient identification experience for over 10 million Canadians, Medirex adopts technologies ensuring that the patient has a voice in their healthcare journey. Medirex aids in the adoption of digital health resources and data to improve the patient experience for your healthcare organization.

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Medirex Communications

Medirex Systems Inc.


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