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Medirex partners with Mackenzie Innovation Institute

Evolving Patient Identification, Patient Engagement and Digital Health at Mackenzie Health


Toronto, Ontario – July 29, 2021 –Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi²) and Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to develop, test and evaluate innovative technological solutions that drive patient engagement and improve patient experience through positive patient identification.

Prior to this collaborative partnership, Mackenzie Health and Medirex worked closely together in optimizing Medirex’s patented patient identification wristband. Medirex’s patented technology not only acts as the Single Point Of Truth for patient identification, but is where patient engagement begins. Under this strategic partnership with Medirex, Mi²’s expertise and insights on identifying and developing new disruptive technologies to enhance health care will allow Medirex to design and build revolutionary health care solutions to improve the patient experience. Mi² and Medirex will jointly co-develop unique patient engagement solutions with a focus on leveraging Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration and smart hospital infrastructure at Mackenzie Health. The partnership will benefit Mackenzie Health with early access to exclusive digital health tools designed to enhance the patient experience at both Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital and Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital.

“We are very excited about this strategic partnership with Medirex and how it can help hospitals address current challenges by working to improve the way we engage with patients. With Medirex’s unique patient wristband and its ability to enable provider-patient engagement through better connectivity with existing mobile devices, this presents an exciting avenue for both organizations to design and implement smart health care solutions that will dramatically improve the patient and family experience,” said Altaf Stationwala, President and CEO of Mackenzie Health and Mi².

“Medirex is fortunate to have the opportunity to align our efforts with Mi² and Mackenzie Health. The future opportunity to improve patient engagement by ‘building on’ rather than ‘replacing’ provides for a practical approach to solving a very complex problem,” said Steve Nowak, President, Medirex. “Our entire team is devoted to joining in Mi²’s stated mission of ‘enhancing healthcare through disruptive innovation’.”

The Mi² and Medirex partnership will focus on developing digital health solutions that integrate with Mackenzie Health’s smart hospital vision as well as inform and empower patients by providing access to their health events, medical results, and relevant hospital digital resources. From the moment an individual is identified as a patient, the patient will be empowered to share their feedback in real-time with the hospital, remain informed throughout their health care journey, and connect with loved ones so their families can continuously stay updated on their care.

The first major initiative of the partnership will involve the development of a patient identification and connection platform by leveraging existing wristband technology with the added benefit of integration to the existing Epic EHR platform. “A patient’s journey begins at admission and patient identification when a wristband is issued. From there, the patient may feel anxious as they eagerly wait for a physician with updates on their status. During this time, there are many patient engagement ‘gaps’ that can be addressed here,” said Amir Soheili, Director, Clinical Support Services, Mackenzie Health. “With Medirex’s unique wristband and digital health technology as well as Mackenzie Health’s expertise on smart hospital workflow, we now have an exciting opportunity to develop something really unique for our patients.”

Today’s announcement builds on the ground-breaking work of all three organizations, from making better patient connections and providing a world-class health experience to enabling smarter health care design and implementing sustainable disruptive innovations in healthcare.

About Mackenzie Innovation Institute

Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi²) is positioned as a leader in healthcare applied innovation with a focus to ensure sustainability and long-term success. Mi² is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on creating and propagating sustainable change within Mackenzie Health, and to spread it more broadly at the healthcare system level. Mi² builds partnerships with industry, academia, and government organizations and to establish system processes on implementation, usability, adoption, and scalability of disruptive innovations, predominately in healthcare technology, but also in evidence-based practice changes and alternative service delivery and procurement models. To learn more about how Mi² can help you grow in the health innovation space, please email or visit


Mackenzie Health is the registered owner of the official marks for Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT).

Media Contact: Angus Ho, Innovation Consultant Mackenzie Innovation Institute

About Mackenzie Health

Mackenzie Health is a dynamic regional health care provider. Mackenzie Health includes Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital and Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, each with a full-service emergency department, core services such as surgery, medicine, and critical care along with specialized programs. Its community-based locations and services continue to provide additional support to western York Region. In March 2017, the organization received its second consecutive award of Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada for its commitment to safety and quality patient care. This is the highest rating a Canadian health care provider can receive. Guided by a vision to create a world-class health experience, Mackenzie Health has an unrelenting focus on the patient and is dedicated to patient needs now and in the future. Mackenzie Health is proud to serve western York Region, one of the fastest growing and most diverse communities in Canada with more than 550,000 residents. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:

Christina Cindric, Senior Communication Consultant

Communication and Public Affairs

About Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex)

Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is a Canadian owned and operated business that has connected patients to health informatics systems for more than 50 years. Every year, Medirex provides the proper identification of over 10 million patients to ensure their safety during their hospital stay. Medirex is a leader in patient connection solutions and continuously reviews available technology to improve processes and enhance the patient's experience. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:

Crystal Lam, Director of Sales and Marketing

Medirex Systems Inc.


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