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Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) Announces New and Enhanced SuperSoft 8700 Series

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Toronto, ON – February 1, 2021 - An industry leader in patient identification solutions, Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is proud to introduce the new and improved SuperSoft 8700 series, replacing the SuperSoft 8500 and 8600 series with a softer, more malleable, and durable material. The SuperSoft 8700 series brings all the value of the SuperSoft 8500 and 8600 series with additional features that improve patient safety and comfort:

  • New and Proven Technology – The SuperSoft 8700 series is based on proven wristband technology for improved patient comfort and safety. The softer, more malleable, and durable material has been tested and proven to be #1 in the industry.

  • Advanced Operator Experience – After completing market research with clients, Medirex has enhanced the wristband application instructions to provide a trouble-free operator experience.

  • Printer Adaptability – The SuperSoft 8700 series is better adapted to a variety of laser printers.

  • Reliable Supply Chain – The SuperSoft 8700 series is sourced from a trusted and reliable supply of raw materials to ensure timely and high-quality delivery.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact – With more efficient resources and supply chain, this greatly reduces pollution, protects the environment, and promotes waste reduction.

  • Seamless Transition – In order to provide an effortless transition, Medirex ensures that the design and dimensions of the SuperSoft product have not changed.

“Over our 50 years, Medirex has always worked hard to make the best even better. We are very proud of adding to that tradition with the SuperSoft 8700 series. The SuperSoft 8700 series is built with the future in mind and opens up a whole new world of possibilities!” said Steve Nowak, President of Medirex.

The SuperSoft 8700 series will be the Single Point of Truth to connect hospitals with their patients. By cultivating patient connections with ease, security, and no errors, Medirex helps hospitals and other healthcare providers manage patient safety through effective patient identification. Using innovative technologies, our wristbands are evolving to engage and empower patients at every point of their healthcare journey.

About Medirex Systems Inc.

Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is a Canadian-owned and operated business connecting patients to health information systems. Being an industry leader for over 50 years, Medirex has evolved to bridge the gap between patient identification and engagement by cultivating patient connections with ease, security, and no errors. Providing a positive patient identification experience for over 10 million Canadians, Medirex adopts technologies ensuring that the patient has a voice in their healthcare journey. Medirex aids in the adoption of digital health resources and data to improve the patient experience for your healthcare organization.

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Medirex Systems Inc.


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