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The Evolution of Patient Identification: Part III

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Most popular patient ID wristbands and key product features to consider for your hospital


From Part I and Part II of this patient ID evolution series, we’ve reviewed the various patient ID options and key factors to consider for your patient ID system. Positive patient identification offers patients security and comfort, while ensuring that staff can efficiently and reliably identify their patients. Any hinderance - from printer jams to unreadable handwriting - can cost time, money, and in the worst-case scenario negatively impact patient health outcomes. As a result, hospitals are drawn to specific patient ID solutions for their healthcare environment. In this portion of the patient ID evolution series, we will be highlighting our most popular patient ID wristbands and the product features to consider when selecting a wristband.


While our data shows that the healthcare industry prefers laser or direct thermal printed wristbands, we take pride in offering a variety of solutions to suit any patient ID system. To connect with our subject matter experts or request for a product catalogue, please email

Our Most Popular Patient ID Bands in 2021

Key Features to Consider for a Patient ID Wristband


Patient ID bands are utilized by a variety of hospital staff and should be intuitive and easy-to-use with minimal instructions. Aspects of usability to consider include where and how to fill in patient identifiers, checking of information, waterproof and fluid resistant design, secure fastening, and easy removal.


Patient comfort is a key factor to patient safety and experience. Therefore, choose a patient ID band that has a soft, flexible, waterproof, cleanable, breathable and non-allergenic material. The edges of the band must be soft and smooth to ensure comfort over prolonged use and avoid skin irritation. The fastening of the band should not press or rub into the skin.


Patient ID bands must accommodate for a range of patients, from the smallest newborns to the largest adults. Therefore, patient ID bands should be made in a variety of sizes or allow for size adjustment. Alternatively, select the maximum length available, safely cut excess length, and ensure cut ends are not sharp.

Recording Patient Identifiers

Patient identifiers are determined by each hospital and can have different methods to generate the information on the patient ID band. Our recommended best practice is the patient ID band being printed directly from the hospital information system. Other practices include pre-printed labels adhered to the patient ID band, inserts sealed in the patient ID band, or write-on patient ID bands. Regardless of the method used to generate the identifiers, there should be enough space available for patient data to be recorded clearly and unambiguously. The same layout, order of information and information style should be standardized across the organization.


A single white band is recommended for patient identification and to avoid the use of additional coloured bands. If it is necessary to identify a known patient condition or risk, then follow a standard colour alert system such as red alert bands to indicate allergies.

New Technology

Patient ID bands should allow for the incorporation of new technologies that may be used to assist patient identification, safety, and experience such as barcode technologies. Evaluation of the proper patient ID band should include short-term goals and long-term strategies of the hospital as it relates to patient care and engagement.


About Medirex Systems Inc. Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is a Canadian-owned and operated business connecting patients to health information systems. Being an industry leader for over 50 years, Medirex has evolved to bridge the gap between patient identification and engagement by cultivating patient connections with ease, security, and no errors. Providing a positive patient identification experience for over 10 million Canadians, Medirex adopts technologies ensuring that the patient has a voice in their healthcare journey. Medirex aids in the adoption of digital health resources and data to improve the patient experience for your healthcare organization. Media Contact: Medirex Communications Medirex Systems Inc. +1-416-363-9313

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